For the Love of Brandi Carlile

Recently my BFF and I traveled to Pittsburgh for a concert. It had been years since I’d gone to a concert, and this experience made me wonder why I don’t go more often. Life certainly has a way of getting busy, and when you’re in the thick of things and working hard, it’s often a challenge to give yourself a break. However, if you buy concert tickets months in advance, you’re somewhat forced to chill out for a while. In the midst of a crazy week, I’m so happy I purchased these tickets. Not only did I get to take a break and see an amazing show, but I got to spend some much needed chill time with one of my best buddies.

With all that being said, the concert we went to was Brandi Carlile, and it was part of her Pin Drop Tour. Now, you’re probably wondering why I’m dedicating an entire post to a concert. Well, honestly, it deserves it. Plus, when I really love something, I just want to share.

Brandi Carlile | Inspired by Charm

The premise of the concert was doing something totally unplugged. No mics. No amps. No speakers. Brandi has chosen small venues throughout the country where her music can carry itself. Other than the music, you really could hear a pin drop.

When I heard about the concert, I made sure to be online as soon as the tickets went on sale and was lucky enough to score front row seats! Amazing.

Brandi Carlile | Inspired by Charm

If you’re not familiar with Brandi, she’s been around for quite some time and has several albums out. (I think she became more well known around 2004.) I was happy to find out at the concert that she has just finished a new album, Blood, Muscles, Skin, and Bones that hopefully will be released soon. Her musical style is a mix of folk, rock, and alternative country. Right up my alley!

Brandi Carlile | Inspired by Charm

I know that music is a very personal thing, and you like what you like. And I don’t really have a point to this post other than telling you to take the time to go to more concerts (You won’t regret it.) and to give Brandi’s music a listen if you think you might like it.

I could gush for hours about her voice. During the concert there were points where I don’t think I took a breath for an entire song. This one specifically:

There’s just something about her voice and her emotional connection to her music (She writes most, if not all, of her songs.) that just makes you want to weep.

I can’t begin to share all of my favorite songs, however “That Wasn’t Me” is definitely among them.

I also love her take on the Avett Brother’s “Murder in the City.” This should give you a good idea of how the Pin Drop tour sounded.

Anyway, that’s my happy little spiel for today. I have no ties to Brandi, other than my love for her and her music, so this is all coming from the heart.

Brandi Carlile | Inspired by Charm

Give her music a listen if you wish. Also let me know in the comments what is the best concert you’ve ever attended.

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