Real Men Paint Dressers Pink

You know, like the phrase, “Real Men Wear Pink.” Sorry, I’m trying to be “punny”. Haha. Okay. Enough, enough. Anyway, remember last week when I began redoing my whole upstairs, and I had this small antique dresser that I really wasn’t digging anymore.

This one.

Beginnings of a Guest Room | Inspired by Charm

Yeah, the chippy paint was a little too chippy, the color was a bit too country wheat, and it was just not working wherever I put it. Well, with a fresh coat of white paint, plus a little color, and a dash of brass, my antique dresser has a whole new look.


Painted Antique Dresser | Inspired by Charm #PrettyinPink

Totally cute, right?

This was definitely a project that was not planned. I just got the idea and went with it. And I have to say it’s looking pretty in pink.

To get the piece ready, I lightly sanded the entire surface and then gave it a coat of white primer. The previous paint had a bit of a sheen to it, so I wanted to make sure the paint would stick. Plus, I wanted to make any chips a little less visible.

Painted Antique Dresser | Inspired by Charm #PrettyinPink

Once everything was primed, I painted.

Painted Antique Dresser | Inspired by Charm #PrettyinPink

The white is actually trim paint. Sherwin Williams Bright White in semi-gloss. The darker pink is Enticing Red (I’m obsessed with this color, by the way.), also from Sherwin Williams. To get the lighter pink color, I just mixed the two together. This saved me from buying another color.

Painted Antique Dresser | Inspired by Charm #PrettyinPink

The brass knobs are from my local hardware store. I was hoping for a bit brighter gold, but these work for now. I may keep my eyes open for something different down the road.

Painted Antique Dresser | Inspired by Charm #PrettyinPink

I’m not 100% sure how this piece is going to function in this room. As I mentioned, it may hold a TV, but I haven’t quite decided. For now, I’ve just dressed it up to look pretty because it is.

Painted Antique Dresser | Inspired by Charm #PrettyinPink

All in all, I’m really pleased with the way it turned out. This was one of those drab- to-fab transformations. What do you think?

Painted Antique Dresser | Inspired by Charm #PrettyinPink

Have you experimented with painting furniture in fun or unique ways? Let me know in the comments.

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