White Christmas

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Do you have your stretchy pants on? Are you ready to consume a massive amount of food? I am!

I’m popping in today to tell you about a post I did for my friends over at Shari’s Berries. That post is loaded with fun entertaining ideas, so I thought you’d want to know about it. Today I’m also going to link up to a few other things that will be great to browse when you’re relaxing after the big Thanksgiving feast.

Anyway, I created this pretty little party themed around a White Christmas. I was in a bit of a panic about putting this together for Shari’s Berries because my creative brain has been on the fritz lately. What really helped, however, was having a color as my focus; I chose white. It guided the decor as well as the cocktails I whipped up.

White Christmas | Inspired by Charm

My lack of energy also paid off in another way. I didn’t want to iron a white table cloth so I just used a sheepskin rug. The texture was gorgeous.

White Christmas | Inspired by Charm

I’ve shared a few pictures here, but you can check out the full post by clicking here. As I mentioned above, I also made two cocktails for the party – a White Christmas Martini and this Cherry Almond Cocktail. (Recipes are here.)

White Christmas | Inspired by Charm

It tastes as delicious as it looks.

In other news, I’ve been busy developing more posts for BHG. These chocolate-dipped peanut butter cookies are my new favorite. And, if you’ve started decorating for the holidays, take a look at my latest roundup of festive wreaths.

Over on eBay, I’ve created a few new guides. My seasonal favorites thus far are Ideas for Decorating with Vintage Ornaments and everything you wanted to know about Hosting a Cookie Swap.

Lastly, have you heard the new Paramore song featuring Joy Williams? I’m officially obsessed. Check it out here.

Okay, back to holiday decorating and eggnog drinking.

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