chalkboard windows

do you remember a while back when i showed you my chalkboard wall in the gift shoppe? no? well, click here to catch up, then come back here and continue reading.

i updated the wall for the winter season about a month ago and i totally forgot to share it with you!  bad michael!

anyway… here’s how it looks right now…

i was inspired by a wall decal i found on etsy a while back. but i can’t for the life of me find it now. sorry about that.

i thought it turned out pretty cute. over the holidays i had a couple wreaths on the windows and swags on the windowsills.

i haven’t received my spring wreaths yet, so that’s just a random sprig of forsythia hanging there, but you get the idea. isn’t that little cat so cute? love him.

and if you haven’t noticed i’ve added some new button/links to the sidebar on the right. i finally updated the about me page. so feel free to give it a read if you’d like.

  1. Hi Michael.. I love you chalk board wall.. infact I have to send the photo to my daughter.. she spoke of such a wall but was afraid to do it… thanks so much for your visit to my blog today and your sweet words…

  2. This is gonna start a chalkboard window wall phenomenon. I can’t get over how awesome it is. For reals. I can’t keep up with all your stuff that I want to copy, slow down already! (No, not really, keep going, I love it.)

  3. Hi Michael! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog about my no-sew-chair-cushion chair makeover. I have been reading your blog for the last half and hour or so and I absolutely love it! You have amazing style and I am definitely going to follow you along in your dreamy life as an inn-keeper. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’ please, it’s awesome!
    Sincerely your new blog friend, Ali

  4. It’s funny that you posted this tonight. I have a HUGE chalkboard out in my barn that is ugly green. Tonight I told my husband I was going to paint it with black chalkboard paint, frame it with some wonderful vintage trim and hang it in my office. I’ll let ya know when I get it done (will be awhile)

  5. this is so fun! I don’t think my BF would appreciate it much if I wiped out his friends’ drawings/scribbles on our chalkboard wall for this though :P

  6. Since you shared about yourself, I guess it’s time to de-lurk for me and say hi! I enjoyed reading more about you and your background, and I always love reading your blog. Very inspiring.

  7. This chalkboard is absolutely adorable! And can I just say, you are adorable as well!!!! And your blog could be dangerous for me with all the eye candy on here. I am sitting here reading your blog with my “Oooo Ahhh” face on! Lol I’m a follower now, don’t want to miss any of your fabulous ideas! -Kelsee

  8. Hi There- (loved reading your about me! you are well traveled and smart.)

    This DIY chalkboard wall is BRILLIANT! I love it! I would love for you to link this DIY Project to CraftOManiac Monday at Link party starts this evening. Take care. jen

  9. Hi Michael,
    WOW, I adore that wall in your gift shop, it is so versatile, having one in my house would be fun, it could be changed so easily!
    I love the windows and the cat, very cute!
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Be sure to come back some time and I will do the same here.
    Hugs, Cindy

  10. Wow!! I am so glad that you were featured on Someday Crafts!! I am so impressed/inspired!! I love your blog and artistic style. I’m followin’ you for future inspiration! You’re so talented, so amazing! I just painted my FR wall with eggshell black paint. It works kinda like a chalkboard… I’m thinking some fun stuff should appear on it from time to time!

  11. That is so cool. I used to have an old school-type chalkboard in my dining room and aspirations of filling it with something that looks as great as this, but I was never able to. Feeling inspired to maybe try again. Thanks for the great idea–

  12. Wow, wow, wow and WOW!!!! I’m sure you’ve heard it about fifty gazillion times now…but that wall is amazing!

    I love that you change it out from time to time…although I think this might be my favorite. :)

  13. Oh my gosh . . . this is one of the coolest chalkboards I’ve seen. You are amazing. I wish I could draw like you. Mine would never come out like that! One of my frustrations with chalkboards is that I have a hard time writing with the chalk and haven’t been able to find chalk pens in my town. Do you use regular chalk or one of the newer pens? Glad I found your blog. Very fun!

  14. This is such a great idea! It reminds me of illustrations in a couple books I used o read as a child. So fresh and whimsical.
    Love it! Great job.


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