i made bunting

i’m about to set up a fourth of july/patriotic/americana display in the gift shoppe. i was thinking about what i could use to really make the space sing. i’ve been inspired by all the lovely bunting floating around blog land so i decided i’d give it a try. i picked up some bandanas at wal-mart (two in a pack for two dollars) and got to work.

i have a pretty big piece of painter’s drop cloth that i’m using for everything lately. remember my pillows? i love the stuff. so i tore two inch stripes and folded them in have lengthwise to create a little pocket.

for the bandanas (sorry no pictures of this part), i cut them in half diagonally to create two triangle. then folded the half in halfs to create quarters. make sense? then i just sewed  up one side and turn them inside out. the longer of the sides can remain open as that will be the top of the bunting and will be sandwiched in between the drop cloth. have i completely lost you?

then i pinned my quarter bandanas into the little pocket of my cut painter’s drop cloth.

 and then sewed it all together with one simple stitch.

one really, really long stitch.

it cost me six dollars for the handkerchiefs and maybe one hour of my time. super cute right?! i think it’d make a great decoration for a fourth of july party … or even a kids (or adults – haha) cowboy party.

it will be moving into the gift shoppe sometime this weekend when i begin to work on the display. i’ll show you that early next week when it’s all finished.  have a super happy weekend!

  1. Did you see the comment I left you on fb the other day? I did a blog post about Outstanding in the Field and wanted to thank you for opening my eyes to the whole thing.

    VERY cool bunting idea…love, love how you used bandanas. Smart.

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