homemade vanilla extract ala whipperberry

sometimes i just come stumble upon something so new and wonderful. and since all things new is the theme for this month, i just had to share!

i’m loving this new-to-me blog called whipperberry? ever hear of it?

specifically i love her new tutorial for homemade vanilla extract.

and her accompaning tutorial for making the amazing fabric labels! she used her at home printer to print the labels on fabric. ah-mazing!

beautiful, right?

follow this link for all the details.

have you ever made homemade vanilla? after seeing this are you encouraged to try?

  1. Oh those fabric labels are so lovely! What great gifts the home made vanilla extract would make. It’s SO expensive for the 100% pure extract in the stores and it just tastes so much better than that imitation stuff. Thanks so much for that link. ~Lili

  2. I am so glad that you posted this because my mom gave me a vanilla bean just so I could do this project and I promptly forgot all about it. I’ll have to get mine going today. Are you making some?

  3. Whipperberry is a favorite blog of mine. I seen this post a couple weeks ago and was instantly inspired to try to make this for myself and for christmas gifts. The packaging is so pretty!

  4. Hi there…I just love your site. Yes, I have made vanilla extract. It is fantastic. I love it and think everyone should have a go at making it. I made mine with vodka and the little (vodka) bottle was so pretty I ended up using it for the essence. Those fabric labels are just beautiful what a clever lady. Joy. :)

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