Here and There: Beard Update // Top-Secret Projects // Guest Posts

In an attempt to organize IBC a bit more, earlier this week I iniated a new series called Totally ObsessedToday, I want to start another series called Here and ThereBasically, this will be a way to briefly catch you up on some things going on around here and to direct you to some things going on over there. (Wherever there may happen to be.) 


First up, I have begun taping off my gallery wall. I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed at the moment trying to piece everything together. I also realized I’m going to need a lot more frames. But, I’m so excited about the end result. I think it was the perfect decision for this space. I was hoping to make some progress on it this weekend, but yesterday morning I had a pile of work drop onto my plate for this weekend. It’s really good, amazing, and exciting work, but still work. I have two top-secret projects in the works. I am crawling-out-of-my-skin excited to share them. I can’t wait! Also, the weather is supposed to be relatively warm this weekend so I’d like to get my exterior Christmas lights up. I also want to stain and sand my shelves. Looks like it’s going to be another working weekend!


Some of you may have noticed that my Movember No Shave Challenge is progressing quite well. I thought I would share some pictures for those of you who don’t or can’t follow along via Instagram. Today marks Day 9, but I’m short a picture since I started one day late. 

It’s looking pretty good, right? I will admit that I’m still shaving my neck and cheeks. Since I run a business, I need to look somewhat kempt. Surprisingly, I’m kind of digging the new look. What do you think?


If you’re a person who doesn’t have or want a smartphone or you avoid social media in general (I can’t blame you), you might be interested in the new Instagram web profiles. 

You can check out mine here and keep up with all the behind-the-scene photos I’m grabbing on my iPhone. Pretty cool, right?


Yesterday, I shared my Etsy Pick of the Week at Broadway+Thresher. Have you had a chance to check out their blog? 

There is so much talent over there! Right now I’m especially loving the photography and videos from the amazing Rachel Joy Baransi and this mouth-watering recipe for Fennel, Bleu Cheese, and Chorizo Pizza.  


Last but not least, I have some more exciting news from my BFFs at BHG. Just this week they launched a food blog, Delish DishBHG has selected some of today’s best food bloggers: Lauren of Lauren’s Latest, Erin of The Forest Fest, Kristin of Iowa Girl Eats, Naomi of Bakers Royale, and Cookie and Kate.

 It is an honor to be listed among these fabulous foodies. Feel free to check out my post here (I’m sharing a no-fuss menu for Friendsgiving.) and explore the rest of the blog here

That’s it, folks! I’m off to get my busy weekend started. What do you have planned?

  1. Liking the beard, neatly kept they look good; it adds a maturity to your youthful face. And beards mean no whisker burn when kissing…..did I say that?

    Well, Im way behind saying what I was doing that weekend because it was a bit busy. My daughter was married on Friday and I had various family members who live interstate staying close by, so we met for breakfast, did things during the day, had lunch, shopped, bush walked, had dinner together and so on. Thankfully I had a few days off work after that to rest and recover.

    This weekend I’m working on a 1940s style kitchen cabinet which will live in my study/workspace and house my fabric.

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