My First Official Head Shots

Before we get into this post, I have to tell you that I’m really not a fan of getting my picture taken or sharing pictures of my face. 

With that being said, about a month ago I hired a local photographer, Patty Calla of Calla Photography, to take some much needed headshots. Needless to say, my own personal photography was no longer cutting it. Plus, I wanted some recent pictures for the new blog layout. 

Thanks to Patty, I now have a fabulous collection of photos to choose from! 

I really wanted to get my pictures taken in the fall. I wanted all of the seasonal colors, plus I love fall clothing the best. Luckily, she was able to squeeze me in! 


We had some fun with the photos…

and I changed outfits a few times,… 

but still she managed to get some great professional shots! 

This one is my personal favorite.

I’m so thankful to Patty for her amazing work. 

Okay, that’s enough of my face. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

  1. Great pictures Michael!! They are all great, but really like the fun, non-traditional ones! I especially like the first one of you sitting in the leaves with your laptop!

  2. why in the world would you ever fret about getting your pictures taken? You are so photogenic and so stinkin cute its ridiculous! Theres my two cents worth! Enjoy the weekend! Sharon

  3. As everyone else said….great shots, you’re very photogenic and very good looking. Great choice of clothes and love the settings….what more could you ask for :-)

  4. What a winner of pics. Thanks for sharing with us. You look great in all the shots. Like the yellow shoes and last one. You were right to want the fall photo, I’ll take that one.


  5. You are utterly adorable. These great shots will get you even more attention than you’re already getting. Enjoy sending them out into the world, and know that Patty captured the real, true YOU in her pictures!

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