Semi-Productive Weekend

Well folks, I managed to get about 50% of my to-do list completed. I went into this weekend with the best of intentions, but I fell short of my goals. Does this ever happen to you? I was not as productive as I had hoped to be, though I can’t blame myself completely. Things just didn’t fall into place as I expected.

I did make my famous pumpkin pancakes for my guests’ breakfast on Sunday morning. I only ate half of one, with no maple syrup. Yes, I’m back on a diet. My friends and I are going on a cruise in February, and with the upcoming holidays, I figured it was wise to start now. Three pounds down, 17 to go! 

I also managed to get about 90% of my outdoor Christmas lights up. This coming weekend is the St. Mary’s, PA Light-up Night when Santa comes to town and all the lights are turned on. Yes, it’s before Thanksgiving, but that’s how they roll. 

Speaking of which, I have a little Public Service Announcement. If someone wants to start decorating for the holidays now, the day after Halloween, or even in mid-July – let them. It’s going to be all right. You’ll be fine. I just find it funny that every time I post a picture of my holiday decorations a few people get themselves all worked up because “it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.” I am fully aware that it’s not Thanksgiving, but my life and business require me to get a head start on these things. And, to be honest, Christmas is the bomb! I love looking at the lights, the colors, the sparkles – they make me happy. It takes a lot of time and work to decorate forthe holidays, so I’m going to enjoy everything as long as possible. So, I beg of you, just think for three seconds before posting a comment about someone’s holiday cheer. 


Other than that, I got some writing accomplished, way too much stressing and thinking done, and a little weirdness thrown in for good measure.

Off to complete some more tasks! And, according to UPS, my dining room chairs should be delivered today! Woot Woot! 

What did you accomplish (or not) this weekend? 

  1. I blogged the same thing today. I’m ready for Christmas and if you aren’t, keep your trap shut. Thanksgiving does nothing for me. You know what does? Twinkley lights. Every time.

    I accomplished buying new curtains for my dining room. Not as cute as yours but you haven’t come to decorate my house yet so…

  2. I agree with your public service announcement. If someone wants to wait until after Thanksgiving to start on Christmas, that is their right. And if they have the right to choose the way they want, so does everyone else. Just because someone does something differently than you does not mean they are wrong. I don’t start decorating my house until after Thanksgiving, but you better believe I start crafting and getting my Christmas decor ready long before I put it up. And you know what? I still enjoy Thanksgiving to the fullest.

    End of rant :)

  3. I totally agree about the Christmas decorations. I MEANT to get my lights out this weekend…why??…because it was in the 60’s. Excuse me for not wanting to wait until it is snowy/icy/super cold to put my lights out. I usually wait until after Thanksgiving to actually turn them on, but showing that restraint is sometimes a struggle.

  4. honey, eat the pancakes! they look good and so do you, so eat all the pancakes you want :) and yes, christmas is the best and the lights and sparkle are so fun. we’ve been playing christmas music in our house for the past few weeks!

  5. I agree with Candice…eat the pancakes! You look great! (I’m loving the beard too!)

    I’ve been playing Christmas music since early September. I put a tree up in the kitchen a couple weeks ago. I’d do more decorating now, but we’re still “moving in” so the house is a bit of a wreck.

    …Speaking of…We had planned to get a bunch of painting done this weekend, but instead went shopping. We did get a bunch of yard work done though as it was a nice weekend. I’m starting to think we should have put up the outside Christmas lights instead!

  6. I make to-do lists and try to remind myself that it’s a guideline, not a taskmaster. It helps to keep me from stressing over the things I didn’t get to. Pat yourself on the back for what you accomplished. :)

  7. I am loving the beard so much! My husband has one too, so I’m partial:0)

    I’m not on board with the naysayers. I love Christmas, I love planning early, so I plan for Christmas early. It makes me happy. I love seeing all the decorations and it doesn’t detract from Thanksgiving for me at all.

    My weekend was plagued by failed recipes. Not sure what’s happening there!

  8. I feel just because I decorate for Christmas, that I am not thankful for Thanksgiving. The Christmas decorating has nothing to do with not being thankful of this past year. I like to have my Christmas decor up for Thanksgiving as it makes the whole day just festive with family around our table and in our home. I usually do a season/holiday forward when I decorate anyway! Easter/Spring goes out in February, Immediately after Easter, I decorate with my summer/Independence Day ( intermixed) and after Independence Day I move towards fall decor where I can intermix the geranium reds of August in to my Autumn scape. September brings Halloween decor and after Halloween I move into Christmas mode. Thanksgiving is a celebration of the harvest and to be thankful for the bounty we have received. I can certainly celebrate that holiday with baubles and lights and yes some snowmen here and there as it would not be unusual to have snow over Thanksgiving! It is a personal choice to when you decorate for any holiday and how you celebrate that holiday. One last note, there was a time where I used to wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate….I realized that between my job and family activities during the month of December, that by using the slower paced month of November to decorate, allows me to spend more quality time with friends and family.

  9. I LOVE Christmas too and put up all of my Christmasdecor right after Halloween! It is a lot of work to put up so I like to look at it for a few weeks:) I’m sick of listening to others compain about Christmas decor coming out early!

  10. I have not started decorating but I have my holiday music playing on Pandora, the hubby isn’t happy about it. After 24 years, eh, he’s not going anywhere!

    My mission is vintage lights for interior decor.

  11. didn’t get to comment on your last post but wanted to say I am loving the beard! I think its a keeper! :)
    and yes please continue putting up twinkling lights…I am enjoying the pretty!

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