Completely Obsessed: Nicole Porter

Today on Completely ObsessedI’m thrilled to show you the brilliantly bright work of Nicole Porter. Lately, I’ve been giddy about neon, so naturally Nicole’s work grabbed my attention. I’m pretty sure I need her entire bowl collection. I love setting the table for a dinner party with friends. I always like to include something fun and unexpected. Not only would these bowls be perfect, but Nicole’s napkin sets are fabulous, too! Nerd, geek, freak, dork – since when did these terms become endearments? I’m a fan! Nicole is kindly offering IBC readers a 20% discount to her entire Etsy shop. Amazing! Just enter coupon code: IDONICOLE at check out. (Expires March 15, 2013) Thanks, Nicole!

Have a fab weekend! Which items from Nicole Porter’s shop are you completely obsessed with?

  1. The geek/nerd napkins, without a doubt.
    P.S. I just found your blog, and it’s going on my regular reading list. Great work, keep it up!

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