1. Ching ching! Um, yes. I would love to come over for a drink. That mason jar shaker is fabulous! I think I need one. I need a how too as well! Oh, just saw you said they are a West elm. Even easier!! Off to check them out! Love it!!

    • Yes join me! From the looks of it I’ll be able to make whatever you’d like. And the shaker is fab! I may JUST be having a little giveaway here next week. Stay tuned!


  2. Awesome! Did it come in perfect condition like that or did you have to recondition it? No matter, it’s FAB! I have a wooden tea cart that belonged to my Mother that I use but I love the straws, flowers, mason jar shaker and all the little colorful “extras” you did to spruce it up! What’s in the mason jar? Great job as usual!

  3. I really need to spam you for ideals. lol Love your site. hate that you no longer do bed and breakfast. You were gonna go on my bucket list :)

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