Antiquing with Charm: No. 4

Well, once again I’m officially covered in Christmasy glitter. I’m frantically trying to get my shoppe in order for the big sale which starts on Tuesday. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, click here.) My intention was to do a little craft / DIY / tutorial, but plans fell through this week. Have no fear, however, I have a fab project in the works for next week. I may even attempt to squeeze in two in order to stay on track with my goal of 50 for the “I Make” project.

Anyway, I’m taking a break from my shoppe to do a show-and-tell about the cool things I found antiquing last weekend. I figured I’d show you what I got and tell you how I planned on using it. Hopefully, that will give you an idea of how my brain works when I’m thrifting.

When I go antiquing, I always keep an open mind. If I go hunting for something specific, I never seem to find it. But, if I go with no expectations, I usually come back with some sort of treasure. This trip proved that theory correct once again.

Antiquing with Charm | Inspired by Charm

My first find on this expedition was this silver pitcher. I love staple pieces like this one. It will look good with anything and at anytime of the year. It was a bit tarnished, so I used a little elbow grease and silver polish to brighten it up a bit.

Antiquing with Charm | Inspired by Charm

My silver polish is terrible, but I did make some progress. It’s looks a little cleaner, but I honestly don’t mind some tarnish. It gives it character. I initially bought this piece to use as a vase for flower arrangements. I think it would also look be the perfect holder for vintage wood spoons or a collection of paint brushes in my home office / studio. I paid $10 for the pitcher.


Antiquing with Charm | Inspired by Charm

Next, I found this adorable pair of gold oval-shaped framed portraits. I’ve actually been on the hunt for a larger portrait, but never found one. I thought these were perfect! Not only are the frames (huge bonus points for being gold) in great condition, but I love both portraits inside. Their faces just look familiar to me. If that makes sense.

Antiquing with Charm | Inspired by Charm

Antiquing with Charm | Inspired by Charm

I’m not positive where I will place these, but I have a couple ideas floating around in my head. I do think they would look stunning in a gallery wall. They’d add such a unique touch of whimsy and interest. I shelled out $16 for the pair.


Antiquing with Charm | Inspired by Charm

I also brought home this adorable little cocktail shaker. This is the one thing I’m not sure what I’m going to do with. I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a collection – something to always look for when I’m antiquing or visiting a new city. I’m thinking cocktails shakers may be my thing. Even if decide not to collect them, this one was just too cute to pass up. Plus, it would make an awesome prop for my Drinks and Links photo shoots. Cost: $8.


Antiquing with Charm | Inspired by Charm

This old wood drawer also grabbed my attention. I just adore things like this. First, its yellow color is simply magical. Second, I love the scratches, nicks, and peeling paint. That’s character you just can’t replicate. I’m also a fan of any item that can be used as storage.

Antiquing with Charm | Inspired by Charm

This would be great on the back of the toilet to store extra rolls of paper. The other section could be used for a plant or candles. Turned on its side, it could be hung on a wall in the kitchen to store spices. It would also be great on a desk with little mason jars inside to store pencils, pens, and sundry office supplies. I could go on, but I’ll stop there. I’m clearly a sucker for any beat-up, colorful wood box. I got the drawer for $15.


Antiquing with Charm | Inspired by Charm

Last, but certainly not least (Thanks to my friend Emily!), I found this amazing metal chest of drawers. It’s seriously incredible. I assume that in its former life it was a storage unit for hardware – screws, nuts, bolts, etc. Other than a little rust, it’s in fabulous condition. All of the drawers are intact and functional. They even have little dividers with built-in notches to label everything. I am actually loving the color of this piece, too. It’s an army / emerald green.

Antiquing with Charm | Inspired by Charm

I’m thinking that this piece will end up in my future office / studio for storing office and craft supplies. There is a small chance that I may decide to use it in my bedroom for storing ties, colognes, jewelry, and other little treasures, but I think the office would be my first choice.

Antiquing with Charm | Inspired by Charm

Isn’t it awesome? Well, I haven’t told you the best part. This bad boy came home with me for a little over $55. What a steal!

After such a successful trip, I’m itching to go hunting again! But, before I do, I need to get some of my spaces cleared so I know exactly what I need and want. Have you been antiquing or thrifting lately? What awesome finds did you come home with?

Have a great weekend, everyone! (By chance, are you going “treasure hunting”?)


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    • I thought the same thing at first, but it’s metal. And doesn’t have the little bar thingys inside to hold the cards. Hrmmm.

      xo Michael

  1. You found some really great pieces for fantastic prices! i especially love the pitcher and the little yellow drawer! thanks for sharing your finds with us. :)

  2. I TOTALLY get what you mean about not looking too intently. I always have a list of misc items I’ve been thinking about using for a project and/or event, so when I across awesome finds my mind is open to those wants but also ready to accept new projects.

    Love how you said you needed to clear out more things to see what you need. That’s exactly what I need to do to give myself room to create and organize. Thanks for the thoughts and great shots!

  3. That wooden box is just gorgeous! But the metal drawers set my heart aflutter, as did your talk of Christmasy glitter. Don’t you think you won’t just miss having your shoppe a wee bit? Your vintage finds are all awesome Michael.

  4. Wow Michael – you found some awesome things! Love that yellow wooden box and the portraits… so fantastic is those great little frames!
    Now that metal drawer set is amazing – my first thought was card catalog. but so interesting it’s metal and, like you mentioned above, it doesn’t have the rods in the drawers. I DO have an antique wooden card catalog on the legs and all. It’s on my blog – I hate leaving links in comments because it feels so trashy – lol but if you search card catalog on my blog, you will see the legs are a separate piece. Wonder if you could build a similar stand for yours {Lowe’s and all!} :)

    Love all of your finds!!

  5. I love that metal drawer thingy and the wooden drawer box. Those are soooo cool! And I do know what you mean about those faces looking familiar. Because they do! Great finds!

  6. Hi Michael!
    I’ve seen the old wooden drawers used as silverware caddy’s for buffet style dinners…very nice finds

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