DIY Gold Magnetic Letters

Okay, so I have a super easy and totally fabulous “I Create” for you today! You know how much I’m loving gold these days. Well, I’m taking it to a whole new level with this project. As much as I wish I could take credit for the awesomeness, I actually saw the idea on Pinterest. Go figure. As soon as I did however, I knew I had to recreate it. I believe it was Jan of Poppytalk who pinned the idea. So thank you, Jan!

DIY Gold Magnet Letters | Inspired by Charm

As you may have guessed from the title and pictures, I made gold magnetic letters. Tell me they are not fun! I loved these letters as a kid and I may love them even more as an adult.

DIY Gold Magnet Letters | Inspired by Charm

DIY Gold Magnet Letters | Inspired by Charm

To make the letters, you will need magnetic letters, plastic primer spray paint, and gold spray paint. I found these particular letters on Amazon because that’s pretty much where I find a lot of things these days. Both paints are from Walmart. I am crazy about this gold paint. Remember I used it to paint my plant stands? Despite how it looks on the cap, the color and sheen are perfect.

DIY Gold Magnet Letters | Inspired by Charm

DIY Gold Magnet Letters | Inspired by Charm

In a well-ventilated area, on a piece of paper or cardboard, start by spraying the back of your letters with the primer. I sprayed right over the magnets. They hold just as well with the paint. (Though, be aware that these letters aren’t really designed to post notes and pictures since the magnet is very small.) Cover both sides of the letters with two coats of the primer; then follow with two coats of the gold or until the letters are completely painted. Allow time for drying in between each coat.

That’s it! I told you this project would be super easy.

Aren’t they beautiful, too?

DIY Gold Magnet Letters | Inspired by Charm

I immediately covered my refrigerator with them. I think they would look amazing on a black magnetic surface, but I don’t have one. Taking pictures on a white glossy refrigerator is a challenge. I considered making a magnetic chalkboard, but I ran out of time and didn’t have the necessary supplies.

DIY Gold Magnet Letters | Inspired by Charm

DIY Gold Magnet Letters | Inspired by Charm

I know I’m going to have some fun with these!

So what do you think of the gold letters? Are you going to make some “bling” for your fridge?

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  1. I’m seeing gold Merry Christmas on the mantel or Go Noles (FSU colors are garnet and gold). Thanks for the cute idea.

    • I’m totally obsessed too! And these only further that obsession! Haha. Thanks for the love Melissa!

      xo Michael

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these, Michael. A great way to recycle the magnetic letters I just couldn’t throw away when my girls outgrew them! I’m going to “gift” them to the girls again – this time updated & glammed up. I may even try some gold glitter w/ the gold spray paint OR do silver! They’ll love them, too

    • Yes – totally! Unfortunately I forgot to check my local thrift shoppes before just buying them online. I can’t wait to see yours. Be sure to share a picture!

      xo Michael

  3. ooooooo — just read Rosey’s post. Black & Gold — go MIZZOU!!! (U of Missouri Tigers!) for my husband!

  4. I’ve been wanting to do this since I saw the silver metal ones in the Pottery Barn catalog years ago! I knew it would be an easy hack. If only I had a blog 2 years ago when I had the idea! LOL!! And if only I had one now too!! :o)

  5. Awesome! I am going to have to make these for my niece for her new dorm – she will just flip! Better yet, she loves to craft as long as it is something cool (and these are), so I will save these to make when she’s home visiting and she will love them even more!!!

  6. These are so cool! These would make a great house warming gift….and I would love to just play with them all day. Love the grown up version! Thank you!

  7. Will be making these soon for our staff room! I had a huge box of magnetic letters from when I taught kindergarten. I sure hope it works okay without primer. Going to give it a try tonight!

    • Perfect! It’s an even better project when you have the supplies on hand. Have fun! I’m sure you can do it without primer, but the paint may chip more easily.

      xo Michael

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  9. Michael….what an awesome idea. How many people sweep these little treasures from under the fridge and throw them out. Uhmm..guilty! Great eye!

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  13. Love this idea…my daughter now has her apt and this would make a wonderful chic playful design for her refrig. I jumped over from The Creativity Exchange and so glad I did.

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  19. love this idea! do you think the spray paint specifically made for plastic (also sold at walmart) would require the primer??? going to raid my son’s toys he has long forgotten about. Thanks for sharing

    • With stuff like this I always go with primer. It save a headache down the road. However, you could certainly try it without.

      xo Michael

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  21. Do you recommend any particular set of magnetic letters from Amazon? I am seeing a lot of poor reviews about the magnets not even being strong enough to stick to the fridge!

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  23. Hey,

    thanks a lot, I was just looking for metallic alphabets for a project..
    and this idea just solves my problem :)


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