Weekend Wanderlust: No. 27

I can’t tell you how wonderful the weather has been this past week. Sunshine and warm temperatures during the day and cool nights. It’s been kind of magical. I’m soaking up every last bit of summer and hoping these beautiful days are a hint of a blissful autumn to come. Whatever lies ahead, it was another fun weekend around here.

Weekend Wanderlust: No. 27 | Inspired by Charm

Closed – This Saturday was the final day for my little Gift Shoppe. Overall, the sale went really well. There is still a chunk of merchandise left, but most things have found a happy home. I may pull a few of my favorite pieces for giveaways here on IBC. The rest is being packed up and donated. I’m really hoping to start the office transformation in September. I’m dreading it a little bit as I need to repaint the ceiling and a few other areas. But I am bound and determined to have this space functional before the end of fall. Ideas are already filling my head.

Weekend Wanderlust: No. 27 | Inspired by Charm

Craft – On Sunday I was busy working on a fun new project that involved lots of painter’s tape. I wish I had an excuse to paint everyday. Minus the sanding, prep work, and clean up, of course.

Italian Pesto Pasta Salad | Inspired by Charm

Cook – I whipped up a batch of this amazing Italian Pesto Pasta Salad. It’s seriously fantastic. I could eat pasta everyday. Throw in some grilled chicken and this could be a meal on its own. You can get the recipe over on BHG’s Delish Dish.

Weekend Wanderlust: No. 27 | Inspired by Charm

Drink – Have you purchased any of the new blue mason jars yet? I still haven’t, though I did enjoy some wine out of one at my friend’s house this weekend. It was kind of perfect.

Weekend Wanderlust: No. 27 | Inspired by Charm

Hang – Speaking of friends, we (my friends and I) went on a local wine tasting adventure this weekend. It was a blast. We visited five local wineries. We ended up in Benezette, PA which is about thirty minutes from my house. This town is known as the home to one of the largest natural roaming elk herds. We even spotted a few elk on our adventure. (Elk picture courtesy of Tyler.) Have you ever been to a wine tasting in your neck of the woods?

Weekend Wanderlust: No. 27 | Inspired by Charm

Treat – I’m pretty sure I’ve told you how much I enjoy Hershey’s ice cream. While Cotton Candy is usually my go-to flavor, I’ve been branching out recently. I completely fell in love with Mint Moose Tracks. Seriously, it’s to die for! What’s your favorite flavor?

Weekend Wanderlust: No. 27 | Inspired by Charm

Dream – I caught this little moment this weekend. Oh, to be a cat! Wouldn’t it be awesome to snuggle up on a giant bed surrounded by a huge pillows. A boy can hope, right?

Weekend Wanderlust: No. 27 | Inspired by Charm-08-25 21.16.47

Watch – I ended the weekend watching the VMAs. At first, I was feeling pretty old because I was totally confused by the entire show. Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one. That was pure craziness, but there were some awesome moments. Three of my favorite performances were Lady Gaga, Macklemore, and Justin Timberlake. Did you watch the show? What was your favorite performance of the evening?

So that’s what’s kept me busy these past few days. How was your weekend? Any fun adventures?

  1. Treat – I love ice cream. I keep it really simple. Coffee flavor or plain chocolate, the darker the better. YUM.

    Craft – excited to see what you’re up to.

    Enjoy your day :)

    • Ya know, I haven’t had a good coffee flavored ice cream in so long! Now I’m hungry. Haha.

      xo Michael

  2. Can’t wait to give that pasta salad recipe a try!! I am regular visitor of wine tours as I live in the heart of Niagara wine country in Niagara On The Lake! Also, one of the most haunted towns in Canada, we finally did what the tourists do and went on a Ghost tour of the town! Had heard the stories over the years, but it was even more fun than I expected!! As for the MVA’s……I felt really old and unfortunately turned it on right as Miley Cyrus began her, um, performance!!

    • I wonder if that is anywhere near PA? That sounds wonderful. I’d love to visit and do the Ghost Tour. I love that kind of stuff!

      xo Michael

  3. I really enjoyed Katy Perry’s ending number at the Brooklyn Bridge – beautiful! and really enjoyed Macklemore’s performance. Miley? WOW – what a train wreck!

    • OMG! I can’t believe I forgot Katy Perry!! Shame on me. Yes, that was a favorite too! Good call Joyce!

      xo Michael

  4. I love this series! OK, lots to comment on so here we go:

    – Congratulations on the final day of the shoppe! It’s super exciting that you get to start this transformation into the office now. Can’t wait to follow along.
    – That pasta dish looks insanely good. Call me next time! ;)
    – Love the shot of the elks from the wine tasting. We did a little tasting in Spain this weekend which was pretty amazing, too. Sometimes we see deer at the end of our garden; this totally reminds me of it!
    – I often dream of being a cat or a dog as well. Is that weird? I guess they seem so carefree and I love that.
    – Adored Lady GaGa and Justin. As for Miley? What was that all about? I just felt sad for her, it was so vulgar and try hard.

    Hugs to you, sweet friend!

    • Thanks so much Will! Yes – I’m so excited to start the transformation from shoppe to office. Now I just need an extra day a week to complete it. Right?

      And as for Miley, I think she got exactly what she wanted. Good or Bad – everyone is talking about Miley this week.

      Stay well – I hope to see you soon!

      xo Michael

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