DIY Wool Felt Ball Coasters

Hello, friends! Today I’m back with a fun little DIY. Right before the holidays I came across an image of felt ball coasters. You may have noticed that these little felt balls have been popping up all around craftland. I saw lots of them this past holiday season in garlands and ornaments. Wanting to get crafty with these little guys, I decided to make some colorful coasters for my new office space!

I ended up ordering felt balls from this fab Etsy shop. (The shop owner Claire is a delight!) You can buy the felt balls in multicolor packs or pick whatever combination of colors you like best. I did both. I used the 1cm size for this particular project.

DIY Wool Felt Ball Coasters | Inspired by Charm

As I’ll describe below, I basically glued the balls to some clearance cork coasters I found at TJ Maxx. After doing a little more research when writing this post, I realized that these felt balls could also be threaded onto string and then sewn together. This would eliminate the need for the cork coaster. This would also make the felt balls a bit closer together. I may try this method with a larger size ball. If I do, I’ll be sure to show you how.

DIY Wool Felt Ball Coasters | Inspired by Charm

I’m just super happy with how my coasters turned out. They appeared in this Instagram yesterday, and I was pleased to see that they received such a positive response!

Let me show you how I made them.

DIY Wool Felt Ball Coasters

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 cm wool felt balls (90-100 per coaster depending on the size)
cork coasters
E600 glue

DIY Wool Felt Ball Coasters | Inspired by Charm

Begin by gluing one felt ball to the center of your coaster.

DIY Wool Felt Ball Coasters | Inspired by Charm

I used a long wood skewer to place the glue where I wanted it. When I got to the other rings, I just put the glue directly onto the cork.

To keep the felt balls as tight as possible, you’ll want to stop and allow the glue to dry every so often as you work around each coaster. I worked on my coasters off and on throughout the day.

DIY Wool Felt Ball Coasters | Inspired by Charm

Continue working all the way around until your coaster is completely covered. For the last row, I had just enough space to glue each ball a little to the coaster and a little to the felt ball next to it. This made the cork coaster virtually disappear.

DIY Wool Felt Ball Coasters | Inspired by Charm

After everything is dry, your coasters are ready to use!

DIY Wool Felt Ball Coasters | Inspired by Charm

This is a super simple project, and I think the end product is really spectacular. The coasters are so unique and colorful, clearly a perfect addition to my space.

DIY Wool Felt Ball Coasters | Inspired by Charm

I also really love that they are customizable. The felt balls come in oodles of colors you could do varied shades of blue or a more neutral pallet with grays and whites. Either way, you will have a cozy spot for your favorite beverage.

DIY Wool Felt Ball Coasters | Inspired by Charm

How do you like my colorful coasters?

  1. Another great idea! Approximately how many balls did you use for your set of 4 coasters? I’m trying to get an idea of how many to order.

  2. Love this! It reminds me of a pom pom wreath that I saw on Pinterest using large pom poms/felt balls. I am dying to make that one :) I might have to make some of these to match!

  3. Wow! What a terrific idea, and so cheer-y and bright. Thanks for the great idea and directions.
    They sure would make great little gifts in a basket, with mug and coffee/tea.
    Thanks again…..

    • Yes – I love that these can be customized to suit anyone’s style. Isn’t that bench great!?

      xo Michael

  4. I love these, Michael! Where did you get/order the felt balls? They aren’t available at my local craft store. Thanks!

  5. this is such a great idea! I love the look of the wool felt balls–I really like that they’re a bit more rustic looking than regular ole pompoms.

  6. I gotta order the felt balls ASAP before the etsy shop that sells them runs out of them after everyone who reads this post heads straight over there to order them :) I love all of you projects, but this is simply fabulous on so many levels.

  7. Whoa. I don’t have words to describe my total obsession with these! Felt dots? Colour pops? Can it get any better? Nope. Can’t wait to make these! x

  8. I found this from Pinterest, and I love it!!!
    I have a question, where would be the best place to find those colorful and nice dye wool felt balls? Thank you so much!

  9. What a wonderful idea, Michael, thank you for sharing. The coasters are bright and cheerful. There are so many possibilities with this DIY project perhaps a heart in the center for Valentine’s Day.

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  11. these are super cute! but i was wondering, how would you attempt to clean them if you spilled anything on them?

    • Great question, but I don’t really have an answer for that one. Only invite over careful friends and family?? Haha. Have a great weekend.

      xo Michael

  12. SUPER CUTE idea, but gulp on the cost! That would be $50+ for a set of four coasters. Love it, but I couldn’t justify the cost.

    • I’m so glad you mentioned this. I thought it was just me! I love them, but the cost is too steep. Especially for DIY coasters. Oh well! They still look great!

  13. I love these, and thanks for sharing this shop, Just purchased some great goodies for a Valentine’s Day project. I’ll definitely be keeping these coasters in mind as gifts!

  14. How much money did it take approx. for each individual coaster? The wool on etsy is $14…so would that be $14 dollars for EACH coaster? Thanks!!

    • I used about 90 based on this size of coaster. If you want to cut the cost you could make them a little smaller and/or using a larger sized ball. Happy crafting!

      xo Michael

    • Regina, I would love to, but I didn’t make any solid color ones. Just this multi-colored type.

      xo Michael

  15. Ok, spectacular is a MAJOR understatement! I LOOOOVE these! I saw them on Pinterest and was instantly smitten!! I have been using felt balls to make jewelry (mostly necklaces) for years, and they are always a big hit. But I have never actually incorporated them into my decor. This is BRILLIANT! I must admit, GLUEING them never occurred to me. Duh. Don’t bother with the threading for this project. It would take exponentially longer. I had to get a special needle to get through the felt well, and it works but it would be a big old pain to do this many. Stick with the glue. Amazing work as always, my virtual friend!!

    • Wow Sarah! Thank you SO much for all of you amazingly kind words. I really appreciate it! Have a fab week!

      xo Michael

  16. Absolutely love these! May have to totally copy and get some for myself. Our space could use some perking up — these would be just the ticket. :)

  17. These are so cute! I’m pretty clumsy though and I was just wondering how these hold up? I was just curious as to if they would just absorb any liquid or if you have a suggestion about how to protect it…maybe mod podge? I haven’t used mod podge much so I don’t really know the it’s limitations. Any suggestions would be appreciated! I love your website :)

    • Like any fabric coaster, I assume they would hold up to typical moisture / water. I wouldn’t put anything on them to protect them as it may affect their fluffiness. Haha.

      xo Michael

  18. These are so awesome! I’m going to make two sets – one for me and my husband, and the other for a Valentine’s gift for my sister!

  19. This is a great snow day craft for my kids! I love that you used glue instead of the thread…so much safer for the little hands!

  20. I first want to say that I love the things you post! Such clean and fresh feeling ideas for the home, and great looking recipes!
    These coasters look absolutely adorable, and I’m contemplating making a few. My only query is how comfortably do the mugs sit on them? The reason I ask is basic physics – anything round requires balance, and even though there are many round things on the coaster, there’s still that space between the roundness. LOL I know how silly that sounds but I’m at a lack of a better explanation! Your beautiful picture of a tea mug doesn’t seem to be “squishing” the felt balls, it seems to precariously perch atop them.
    Thank you for what you do, and for allowing me to post my silly description as a question.

    • That’s a very valid question. Glasses and mugs actually sit on the coaster very very well. I’ve had no tipping issues. I think because there are so many balls it makes a smoother surface. Granted if your mug or glass is half off the coaster you could run into some troubles, but that happens with any coaster. Hope that helps!

      xo Michael

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  22. Truly gorgeous! Love it and must give it a go. Same I didn’t find this idea earlier as they would have been amazing wedding favours!!!!!

  23. I was wondering if you have used a hot glue gun with this or if you think it may work? Well done and nice color choices.

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  31. I just adore these, only thing, they’re quite expensive to make. The store on mentioned on Etsy sells these felt ball for $13.53/100 balls and you said it takes about that many to make one coaster. With glue and cork that’s a $15 coaster!

    Any suggestions on how to bring the cost down because you can’t make just one-it will need lots of friends! :)

    Thanks, Linda

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    extremely loved the standard info an individual supply in your visitors?
    Is gonna be again continuously in order to investigate
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  43. I read in one of the comments that they asked you about how to clean them if they get stained….After all , coasters are precisely used to prevent liquids to reach your furniture…so I think that spraying Scotch Guard or Never Wet on them will do the trick…specially when it cost almost $15.00 to make each one.

  44. I plan to make this for an adult craft at the library where I work. I’m anxious to see how they turn out! Wish me luck!

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  46. Have you heard? GLUE IS DEAD! Check out the best DIY tool of 2014. Bondic is a liquid plastic welder that fits in your pocket and works where glue fails.

  47. These are great. We want to make these at our family reunion but need to get the cost down. Could you use pompoms?

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    • Lindsey! Have you ordered or gotten anything from this site yet? I’m curious to know if it’s legit or not, because that would certainly make a difference in the price!!! :)

  49. I love this idea! I saw them in a store in Berkeley, California and wanted to recreate it. I love your idea of using the cork coasters! Brilliant! They had sewn theirs together which would be really difficult and time consuming! Love your blog!

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  59. These are so cute! Do you think I could get away with using the cheaper pom poms? or would they unravel and not work? Wool is expensive, although it’s totally a lovely gift idea and easy to use. But to make four is a little steep. Thanks!

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  64. Loved your coasters. I was just thinking that you could also use old CDs for the base of these if you needed them bigger for those big coffee mugs. Cover the bottom with felt and they would work great.

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  68. I love the colours on these! Am I the only person who saw these and immediately thought of chocolate freckles? You know – the chocolate circles covered with sprinkles.

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