Hello, friends! First things first, thank you so much for your wonderfully sweet comments and emails yesterday. Your words of encouragement, and the fact that I was missed by so many, really warmed my heart. I am so grateful for all of you. Because honestly, without you, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. Ginormous thanks and hugs!

While I continue to work on my goals for 2014 (I’m hoping to have something together by Friday.), one of my goals for this week is to un-decorate from Christmas. This is a somewhat bittersweet process. As much as I love the color and sparkle of the holidays, I’m always ready for a clean start in January. Putting the holiday decor away gives me an excuse to weed and clear out some of the clutter. Plus, I really love seeing my collection of colored glass balls organized. (And yes, I just put them all into big plastic bags and pack them away in totes. No fancy storage system here.)

Un-decorated | Inspired by Charm

Some of you might remember that before the holidays I picked up a few new additions for the living room area of my office. I haven’t forgotten my promise to show them to you, so here they are.

Un-decorated | Inspired by Charm

In my hunt for the perfect sofa, I ended up ordering the Henry Sectional from West Elm. When I was in Portland in October, I stopped by the West Elm there to test out a few of their sofas and this one was wonderfully comfortable. I love the style and fabric, too. However, you may have noticed it isn’t here yet. (My little love seat from my upstairs served as a place holder over the holidays.) Since I live in the middle of nowhere, getting the new sofa here takes a little more time. It is scheduled to arrive a week from today so I can show you then. I’m also ridiculously excited to get some new throw pillows.

Un-decorated | Inspired by Charm

Anyway, before I got my couch, I figured I should find a carpet for the space. When I spotted this gem at CB2, immediately I knew that this was the one. (I was thrilled when so many of you loved it when you saw it in one of my Instagram photos.) I had the chance to check it out in person on one of my trips to NYC. The only thing I don’t love about it is that it’s more of a thick mat than a carpet. I’m not sure how to describe it. But, for what it lacks in cushiness, it makes up for in style and color.

Un-decorated | Inspired by Charm

I also ended up ordering a new mirror for above the fireplace. When this room acted as a gift shop, I had a mirror there and always love it. However, the old mirror just didn’t fit this space. I did a lot of searching and finally found this one from the Jonathan Adler collection at JCP. The white glossy frame with the curved detail on the top was just perfect. Plus, I got it on sale, with an additional 20% off and free shipping. What a steal.

Un-decorated | Inspired by Charm

While shopping for a mirror, I came across a wonderful new desk chair. It’s also from the Jonathan Adler collection at JCP. Again, I got this bad boy with the same deals above. The seat and back are a navy velvet, and with a colorful pillow, it’s the perfect place for getting work done.

Un-decorated | Inspired by Charm

And finally, I got some blinds. I’ll most likely talk more about them in a later post (They are seriously amazing.), but a few of you noticed them in a post back in December so I wanted to be sure to pass the source along. They are bamboo shades from Select Blinds. The color is Rangoon Umber.

Un-decorated | Inspired by Charm

A few years ago I bought some bamboo shades and later discovered that at night you could pretty much see right through them. While they looked great, the lack of privacy sort of defeats the purpose. No matter where I looked, all the bamboo blinds that I found were semi-transparent. I was pretty bummed. However, thanks to Melissa of the Inspired Room, who used the same blinds in her kitchen remodel, I found these.

Un-decorated | Inspired by Charm

Having an older house with weird windows, I can never find blinds that are long enough so I usually have to get something custom. With this custom order you can also select to have a privacy liner installed. Genius!! Needless to say, I’m in love and hope, over time, to get all of my windows suited up with these beauties.

And with that, you should be pretty much updated with all things new in the office / living room. As you can see, I’m in desperate need of a few new accessories now that all of my Christmas decor as been removed. But, to be honest that’s my favorite part, so I’m excited to start the hunt.

What do you think of the new pieces?


  1. Your home looks amazing. The colors are perfect and it looks so inviting!

    I really love the rug and the way it picks up every color you have in the room but if it isn’t feeling plush enough for you try a rug pad underneath. You will be amazed at the difference it will make. There are many options and you can find the pads at local carpet stores, Target, or online. To see the many options check out rugpadusa.com (I have never used that site but noticed they have a huge selection.)

    • Thanks so much Janet. I actually got a rug pad for it. It totally helps, but I still miss that softness of a rug I guess. If that make sense. Either way, I’m still loving the purchase, but I would change that one detail if I could.

      Thank you again!

      xo Michael

  2. OMG! Everything looks gorgeous!! Your new carpet is so fun and colorful, and the mirror on the fireplace is the perfect addition to your mantle. It’s all looking more and more like your fun self!

    • Haha! Sounds like a plan. The holidays were great for picking up a few pieces I had my eyes on. I’m excited for the couch too!

      xo Michael

  3. Everything looks fantastic! Where did you get that throw pillow on the chair? It looks fantastic with that rug!

    • Thanks Kim!! I’m not sure which pillow you are referring too. So – the yellow one is from HomeGoods, the gray pillow with the arrows is from Target, and the multi-color pillow is from Crate and Barrel. Hope that helps. :)

      xo Michael

  4. The rug is too awesome. Just so unique and fun and chic and YOU.

    I’m also digging the blinds. We put bamboo blinds in this house and I HATE THEM SO MUCH. I miss our roman shades from the last house so much I could cry. But you may have convinced me to try something like this. Because I do love the texture a lot.

    • Thanks so much Kim! I actually thought of you because I remember the blinds you installed and noticed they were semitransparent as well. Honestly these blinds are awesome. They are a little pricey, but they usually have a sale so just be patient. Plus, the quality seems to be great.

      xo Michael

  5. I love the rug! The colors & pattern really bring it all together. As for it not being as cushy as you would like – not to be a Debby Downer but if you are ever injured & need assistance walking you won’t have to ditch it because it is a tripping/slipping hazard. I know that sounds weird but been there. I was also thrilled to see your work bench/coffee table. When my parents passed & my brother was cleaning out their house I specifically requested 2 from their basement almost exactly like it. He thought I was nuts. I can now proudly say So There. Ha! Have a 2014! xo Leslie

    • Hahaha. Good point Leslie! And thanks for the coffee table love. It’s just a ‘filler’ for right now (I’m thinking I made need something larger) but I love it too. The color works great and it has beautiful character. And how special you were able to salvage your parents’ benches. That great! Happy New Year!

      xo Michael

  6. I really like your office. Especially love the rug. Oh and the pillow on your office chair is great. So many wonderful touches all through out. I am in the process of creating a new office space. Walls are painted and the carpet is on its way, I need to go shopping with you to finish the rest :).

    • Elysa – I’m so excited to hear about your office space. You are going to LOVE it! Have a fab 2014!

      xo Michael

  7. hello michael. I just read your previous post….i think the new year always brings on feelings of, what should i do now? You are young! Go with the flow! You are soooo talented and everything you do brings a smile to my face, your decorating, recipes, thoughts about things. Love yourself and keep doing what makes you happy! Thank you and best wishes for a ahappy and healthy new year!

    • You are so sweet Sharon! Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement! Wishing you a great 2014 too!

      xo Michael

    • Megan – great question. I should have linked that up. The desks are from CB2.com Thanks!

      xo Michael

  8. Love that mirror and the rug! Always so inspired by what you show!
    Happy New Year!

    P.S. I don’t know how much input/control you have over the sidebar ads, but there is one for the League of Angels game that is not in keeping with the tone of your blog. You may want to have that removed :-).

    • Thanks for the heads up Millie! I believe the ads are randomly generated – I’ll check into though.

      xo Michael

  9. I love how you sorted your ornaments by color. Have you not had any problems with the vintage ornaments breaking since there isn’t any wrapping around them?

    • Not really, Tonya. I probably came across one or two broken ones when I was unpacking them this year. So that’s not too bad. I get most of them at thrift stores, so it’s not a huge loss.

      xo Michael

  10. Your room looks great. I love the turquoise over your fireplace. I’m wanting to get some new blinds for my family room and have used select blinds before. I love the style you choose. I couldn’t tell from the website which one it was. Do you have the name?

  11. Love the mirror over your fireplace, it’s like it was made for just that spot. Loving all of the color you have used in your room too. I had the same problem with bamboo shades and ended up reordering them with liners (they should put some kind of disclaimer on these websites selling blinds LOL).

    • Thanks Carrie! I’m loving the chairs too. However, I’m not sure if they will stay with the new couch. I have to see how much space I have. Haha.

      xo Michael

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  13. Beautiful room and office space. The rug is gorgeous, and those deep red chairs I adore! I’m also kind of tickled to see the way you put your decorations away. It’s smart and easy, and who needs those silly dividers and all that stuffing to protect them? Not us! Love it! I hadn’t thought of the storage bags, that’s good stuff. gives it just a little bit of protection. I’m going to use that next year! I’m also going for those blinds! perfect!

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  16. I read all of the comments with everyone loving the rug. I love it too, but could not find anything saying where it was purchased. Can you share that with us?

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