DIY Button Thumb Tacks

A few months ago I made a pretty cool DIY bulletin board. Other than staging it to take some pictures for the blog, however, I really haven’t used it much. As I shared on Monday, I’m starting some new habits. And as cheesy as it may sound, one of them is starting a vision board. (This post is not about starting a vision board, but once I actually do that, I’ll share another post here telling you how I went about it.)

DIY Button Thumb Tacks | Inspired by Charm

But, before I can create a proper vision board, I needed some really cute thumb tacks. I know I’m not the first person to glue a button to a thumb tack, but good ideas need to be documented, right?

DIY Button Thumb Tacks | Inspired by Charm

So today I thought I’d share this quick, fun, and colorful tutorial for DIY Button Thumb Tacks.

DIY Button Thumb Tacks | Inspired by Charm

DIY Button Thumb Tacks

You will need:

Buttons (I found a pack of vintage ones at Goodwill)
E6000 glue
Thumb tacks (These are from the hardware department at Walmart.)

Now, I’m warning you. Things are about to get complicated. (Totally kidding, this couldn’t get any easier.)

Set all of your buttons face down on a flat surface.

DIY Button Thumb Tacks | Inspired by Charm

Add a little glue to your thumb tack.

DIY Button Thumb Tacks | Inspired by Charm

Then place it on the back of your thumb tack and allow it to dry for a few hours.

DIY Button Thumb Tacks | Inspired by Charm

Ta-da! Adorable DIY Button Thumb Tacks. I told you this was going to be easy.

DIY Button Thumb Tacks | Inspired by Charm

In a matter of minutes, I had dozens made and now I’m ready to attack my vision board with vengeance. Because that’s the only proper way to attack a vision board, right?

DIY Button Thumb Tacks | Inspired by Charm

Hope you all are having a fabulous Thursday!

I’m thinking about trying out a few shorter posts like this on IBC every now and again. More meat, fewer words and pictures. Actual content aside, what do you think? Do you like the longer posts or prefer something short and to the point? If you could take a quick moment in the comments and let me know what you like best, it would be immensely appreciated!

  1. Hi Michael,
    So cute! I will be making up a bunch of these! The vision board is amazing. I was not a believer, but put one together 2 years ago and 85% of what I put on has come to fruition. It includes: losing enough weight to wear a size 8 (45 pounds), taking my family on a cruise, home repair and update items, a watch I had my eye on, and much more. I am making a new one with my family shortly.
    I highly recommend it! Please share yours, we get so much inspiration from you.
    Thank you for every bit of yourself that you bring to the table!

    • It’s so funny (well, not funny, but you get what I mean) how people talk about the power of vision boards. I mean, you can’t just make it, walk away, and expect magic to happy, but I really think they work. At least, I’m hoping they do!

      I’m hoping to finish mine this weekend. :)

      xo Michael

  2. Personally, I love your lengthier posts. I feel like there is more of a commitment given to us, your readers, when there is more ‘meat’ to a post. Photo’s are always welcome (and yours are always amazing- definitely using some of your images as inspiration!) but maybe not so many sometimes. For example- this post featured 9 photo’s, and this was quite possibly the easiest DIY you have done lately. I think 9 photo’s is a bit much here. But- that’s just me. =) No matter the length or content, I am always super thrilled to see an IBC email in my inbox ( have even created a specific folder now for all the goodness so I can easily access your amazing ideas!). Rock On Michael!

  3. Very cute, and I love the idea of a vision board…now I kind of want to start one too.

    As for post length–I didn’t notice that it was shorter than usual? Sorry! It doesn’t matter how long your posts are as long as the content is enjoyable. And truthfully, I basically like everything you write about! xo

    • Haha. I know. Good point, Sue. I really try and limit my pictures, but I just can’t help myself sometimes. :)

      Thanks for the input and kind words. :)

      xo Michael

  4. Don’t mean to be wishy-washy but I love both kinds of posts. Some just seem naturally to be shorter, due to content, etc., and some need more, more photos, more text, just more! Either way, I am enjoying your blog, thanks!
    Love the button idea, I grew up with buttons, both Grandmothers had a button jar. That’s how I learned my colors, counting and how they kept me “busy” while they for their sewing done.
    Thanks again, Sue

  5. I started studying Feng Shui back in 1998-including using a vision board. The things we focus on visually become the things we focus on mentally. I also do a written list of ten statements that coincide with the vision board-but make sure they are very specific!

    Last year, we knew we would be selling our house in OR and moving to San Diego
    ( best thing ever). I wrote out, ” We have moved to San Diego in 2013″ without specifying a more exact date…and yes, we did move-on Dec 23rd! I would have preferred the beginning of the year…so yeah. Be very specific!

    Everything I have ever put on a board has come to fruition-I’m still working on a Pulitzer, but otherwise it’s all good. Enjoy the process of making your board-and making your life!

    • ^This, about specificity! I have a habit of just thinking about certain things and finding they come to pass. I don’t know whether I have precognition or what, but if you’re envisioning or wishing for something, BE SPECIFIC and think of all possible outcomes! Several years back, I wished for a boyfriend but was NOT specific enough, and man do I wish I could go back and amend that wish! I got a boyfriend, alright, but sheesh, he was a disaster!

  6. I love ALL your posts regardless of length or number of pictures. Sometimes your ideas call for short and breezy other times you just need to share your angst with people who care – and we wouldn’t be following you if we didn’t care about you. Just keep doing what you’re doing with IBC and I’ll be happy. I love it that one of your responders shared that she learned her colors from her grandma’s button jar. My grandma had a button jar too.

  7. I love all of your posts, but my preference is for the lengthier ones. It’s like having a chat with an old friend (who gives you great design – and life – inspiration)! Oh, and more cat pictures. Always need more cat pictures.

  8. I like both short and long ones. If every single blog I read only wrote lengthy posts then half my day would be gone! I love quick projects like this too – I homeschool two kids plus love to DIY so quick projects are just the thing I need sometimes to get my creative fix.

  9. Your button thumbtacks are adorable, Michael! These would be such a cute gift idea as well. As far as the length of your posts, I suppose it depends on the content. Some things beg for longer explanations, while others could be short and sweet. Sorry – I’m not much help – I’ll read whatever you put up! ;o)

  10. Long or short posts? I welcome both! Lots of pics or just a few? Either way! Love your ideas, your pics and your writing, so it’s all good. I would only be disappointed if your writing became wordy or excessively punny. Thanks for your blog. I read it daily, and today’s post gave me another one of those, “Gee that’s such a simple and beautiful idea. Why didn’t I think of it??”

  11. They’re so precious! This would be a great way to use a button of something that triggers memories like buttons from your kid’s favorite outfit or something. I know my mom has some huge brass ones from the 80’s. Tehehe

  12. I like a mix of both. I’m taking on your challenge – Have felt the similar general UGH and want to change. Working on my list of 52 as well as challenging myself to one thing a day. I made a list of 2 dozen (so far) little changes I need to make to make things better. Wishing us both luck in becoming better versions of ourselves! Keep up the great work.

  13. Mix up those posts! Do short ones on some days, longer ones on other days. A mix like that is good, and keeps things interesting. Everything you blog about captures my attention, so whether your posts are long or short, I’m going to read! Also, your photos are always gorgeous. You’re quite skilled as a photographer, so I don’t care how many photos you have in a post, I’m always going to look. Any time you do a DIY with instructions, more photos are always a good thing!

    Love the button thumb tacks, now of course I’ll need to make some for myself. A simple, yet really fun creative thing, it sure will jazz up your pinboard, and will add something even more special to your vision board. Which, by the way, I am anxiously awaiting seeing how you put a vision board together. I bought supplies to do one years ago, but never got around to it (I’ll need to include something to stop procrastination on my board when I get around to it!), so I will draw some inspiration from your method.

    • Thanks Kimberly! I appreciate your insight into post length / content.

      And yes, I’m excited to get a vision board together. I’m hoping to start it this weekend and get something on the blog next week.


  14. I love the fun short blogs on easy crafty ideas. On the weekends when I have time I love to do something creative but it needs to be pretty easy and brainless after a complicated week at the office.

    • Thanks Lisa! Yes, I hear you on the easy / brainless projects! I need those every now and again too!

      xo Michael

  15. Long or short posts? Doesn’t matter – whatever you are in the mood for; I just like to read about what you are making or cooking :)

  16. Hi Michael, I like a mix of short and long posts, and I never think you include too many pictures!! Also, I have never seen this idea before, so I’m glad you posted it!! :)

  17. I love those! I’ve made something similar with the taller, push pin tacks., by gluing round, blingy crafting rhinestones onto them. I also love all your posts. Long or short. :)

  18. I made a vision board years ago and had amazing results. I also have a cache of vintage buttons which will be perfect for use as thumbtacks. Thank you for such a great and simple idea. Also, long or short…just keep posting your great posts.

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  20. Hey Michael! I recently found your blog and I’m in love! Your style inspires me so much. I’m 16 (I bet you don’t get too many teen girls dropping by your blog ;) I’m just starting to dip my toes into this whole designing world and I absolutely love it.

    And to give you feedback, I like your long and short posts, but I prefer short ones because I can read them quickly (or just scroll through the pictures).

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