Drinks and Links: Basil Mojito

Happy April! I can’t tell you how excited I was to turn over the calendar this morning. There is something about the first of April that’s a clear sign that nicer weather is just around the corner. So to celebrate today, I decided a drink was in order! Plus, it’s been a while since the […]

Strawberry Hand Pies

Hey there, everyone! Sorry for disappearing during the latter part of last week. Halfway through my little California vacation I switched hotels and wound up with the worst Internet connection ever. I’m pretty sure it would have taken a good hour to upload one photo. So, thank you for your patience. It feels really good […]

Color on the Table / Spring Party Tips

I’m so completely excited that spring is finally knocking on our doorsteps. My absolute favorite thing about spring is seeing all of the color return. I love seeing the grass getting green, leaves returning to the trees, and flowers blooming. My second favorite thing about spring is entertaining! There’s nothing better than a party on […]

DIY Colorful Artwork

As you know, I’ve been making progress in my office / living room. However, until recently my walls have been pretty bare. I’ve tossed around many ideas on how to fill the spaces, but have been afraid to pull the trigger. Since looking at empty walls is no fun, I thought I would give DIY […]

Hanging out with Shakira

As I’ve already mentioned way too many times recently, this week I’m hanging out in Southern California. So far, my visit has been fabulous. Thanks to many of your recommendations via email, blog comments, and Instagram, I’ve found lots of wonderful things to do. Yesterday I walked Hollywood Boulevard and checked out all of the […]

A Year of Pie: Blackberry Crostata

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s the first official Friday of Spring and I couldn’t be more excited. Not only does it feel as if winter is finally ending, but I’m actually escaping this still-chilly transition with a trip to California next week! This trip is super exciting for several reasons. First, I’ve never been to California, […]

IBC’s Go-To Pie Crust

This is the year I’m honing my pie making skills After only a few months into “A Year of Pie” I’ve already found a recipe that has become my go-to for crust. The recipe uses both butter and Crisco (the best of both worlds) and comes together in a food processor, so the crust is […]

Baked Zucchini Fries

If you’ve been following cooking on IBC, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of appetizers and desserts (or apps and zerts for my fellow Parks and Rec fans). I think my love for apps and zerts comes from a combination of things. First, they are typical easy to make. Second, they are usually ultra-flavorful. […]