Buffalo Chicken Zucchini Boats

I’m fairly certain that 90% of the recipes here on IBC involve dessert or buffalo chicken. I can’t help what I love. It’s a problem. Anyway, I hope you won’t be mad for long because these Buffalo Chicken Zucchini Boats are bangin’! If you like buffalo chicken and want to find a way to get […]

All About that Gray

If you can believe it, I finally chose the curtains for my master bedroom. And this pretty much sums up my feelings on making that decision … Even though you probably already saw my decision in the feature image above, I thought we’d celebrate my choice with a song. All together now – “Because you […]

A Year of Pie: Berry Cup Pies

Ever since I started A Year of Pie back in January, one of my goals has been to make cup pies. I’m not sure if there really is such a thing, but I got the idea from the television series Pushing Daisies, which premiered back in 2007. To be honest, I never watched the show […]

DIY Paint Dipped Basket

Hey, everyone! Happy Monday! Thank you so much for all of your help last week with my curtain decision. I actually decided on a panel and placed my order. I’m expecting the curtains to arrive this week, so I’ll be sure to give you all of the details once they’re here. I’m crossing my fingers […]

And Then There Were Two

While I realize that there are more important things happening in the world than my bedroom curtains, I can’t even begin to tell you what a frustrating process it’s been to find the right ones for this space. As I mentioned earlier this week, I ordered six different fabric samples and at least fourteen different […]

Basement Stairwell Makeover: The Before

For the past several posts, I probably spoiled you with all of the pretty pictures. Be warned: that ends today (but hopefully only for today). This month all of us on Lowe’s Creative Blogger Team have been challenged to tackle a basement project. Although I haven’t really started any work, I’ve already made at a […]

“Curtains” for the Guest Room

Today I wanted to invite you back into my guest room for a quick update. Let’s talk curtains. I will be the first to admit that picking out curtains is tough. Like, really tough. For me at least. I have been trying to find curtains for my master bedroom since before I started painting. I’ve […]

Painted Barn Doors

Well, I finally painted my barn doors. (I’m sure some of you are saying, “It’s about time, Michael!”) I don’t know about you, but there are certain decisions my brain just can’t make. Back in March I hung these barn doors (you can read about that here), and five months later, I decided on a […]

Hanging Chairs and Taking Names

Okay, so I’m not really taking names, but I am hanging chairs. As you may have guessed from my recent posts, I’m on a mission to complete some projects in my house. Why I picked the middle of summer to do this is beyond my own comprehension. However, things are getting finished, so I not […]